Pricing Information
            15 mos. no int. 24 mos. w/ int. 36 mos. w/ int. 48 mos. w/ int. 60 mos. w/ int.

LAWN 2.5
(2 Persons)

REGular P85,696 P10,284 P10,500 P106,480 P97,910 P7,100 P4,921 P3,402 P2,618 P2,148
PREmium P104,357 P12,523 P10,500 P127,380 P116,944 P8,500 P5,945 P4,070 P3,132 P2,570
ULtRA P126,946 P15,234 P10,500 P152,680 P139.958 P10,180 P7,126 P4,878 P3,755 P3,080

Garden 12.5
(5 lots, 4 persons)

Regular P505,875 P60,705 P52,500 P619,080 P568,492 P41,280 P28,891 P19,777 P15,220 P12,485
ultra P626,678 P75,202 P52,500 P754,380 P691,712 P50,300 P35,205 P24,099 P18,546 P15,214

garden 25
(10 lots, 8 persons)

regular P956,946 P114,834 P105,000 P1,176,780 P1,081,085 P78,460 P54,917 P37,592 P28,930 P23,732
ultra P1,098,375 P131,805 P105,000 P1,335,180 P1,225,342 P89,020 P62,309 P42,652 P32,825 P26,927

Family Estate 45
(18 lots, 10-15 persons)

(18 lots, 10-15 persons) P2,222,571 P266,709 P189,000 P2,678,280 P2,456,022 P178,560 P124,987 P85,557 P65,842 P51,012


  1. CEMPI reserves the right to correct any errors in the computation.
  2. Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.
  3. Above prices do not include other fees like markers, interment fees, transfer fees, construction of structures, etc.
  4. Only payments duly supported by a CEMPI Official Receipt and issued by its' authorized representative shall be recognized as valid payment.
  5. Reservation is valid only for a period of 15 days and is non-transferable and/or non-refundable.
Memorial Pricing
  • lawn lot

    lawn lot

    Designed for individuals lots.

    Lot size: 1m x 2.5m (2.5 sq. m.)

  • garden

    5-lot garden

    Perfect for families holding 5 full body vaults.

    Lot size: 1m x 2.5m (2.5 sq. m.)

  • family estate

    family estate

    Evergreen Park's Garden Lots provide the perfect memorialization option for families who seek to provide a proper tribute to their departed loved ones. These lots can contain up to 4 full body vaults.

    Niche height shall not exceed 1m and headboard is 1.50m in height from the ground line

    Lot size: 1m x 2.5m (2.5 sq. m.)

Why do people choose Cebu Evergreen when planning for the future and at time of need?

Low Prices

Sometimes the best actually costs less. You can access our Price List that you can use to compare prices with other memorial parks. We're confident that you'll discover just how affordable our prices are.

Quiet and Dignified Funeral Services

At Cebu Evergreen, you have the comfort of a peaceful final tribute within the tranquil beauty of our memorial park.

Protected Beauty

Cebu Evergreen's exceptional Memorial Care Fund offers you the peace of mind knowing that the memorial you purchase today will look just as beautiful tomorrow and in the decades to come.

Convenient Location

You can get to our park quickly and easily from anywhere in Cebu.

Interment Services and Fees

The interment fee is also referred to as the opening and closing fee for ground burial or the entombment fee for mausoleum burial or the inurnment fee for cremation burial. The interment fee is always a separate charge that is not included in the purchase price of a grave, lawn crypt, mausoleum or niche.

Services Offered



Big tent/carpet

Water dispenser w/ 5 gallon


Use of chapel
(3 hrs. only)

Interment Fees


Php 16,000


Php 18,000
Requirements for Interment
  • Transfer Permit (if not in Talisay)
  • Burial Permit
  • Certificate of Death
  • Reburial Permit (For bones only)
  • Exhumation Permit (For bones only)